Tree Removal in Clontarf – Why Get Their Services?

Tree removal in Clontarf has always been a nightmare for residents. The tree removal company that I work with on a regular basis will not hesitate to have a client take the tree down if it poses a hazard to their client or to themselves. A recent storm damaged parts of the city of Clontarf. Water damaged roofs, gutters and sewage caused flooding in some areas. A tree removal company was contacted and within a few hours, two of their trucks were busy taking the damaged trees out of the city.

The trees that were removed were overgrown and dangerous to anyone walking beneath them. When I visited the site, I could see that the workers were using heavy power equipment to remove the trees. It took them nearly an hour to remove just one tree. When I asked why the tree removal company chose to use so much force, I was told that this type of tree removal in Clontarf is required in order to get rid of the tree completely, as they would risk electrocution if they attempted to do it manually.

I understand that having thousands of nails driven through the wood of a tree can cause serious injury or death. However, having the tree removal company remove a tree by hand creates a far worse problem. I saw several trees that were totally uprooted during the storm. The workers were unable to bring the tree back to its previous location on the property. I was also told by one of the local tree removal company workers that the storm was so powerful, that the wind sheared off the roof of a nearby home, causing extensive damage. This news made me very angry, because in all likelihood, this family will lose all of the expensive patio furniture that they have spent so much money on.

My next concern was the safety of the people working on the property. They had no idea how dangerous it could be to remove a tree by hand. All they knew is that they were cutting down a large tree. Obviously, they did not have any protective gear on and were extremely vulnerable to the powerful winds, and heavy rain that accompanied the storm.

After learning all that I can about tree removal in Clontarf, I feel completely justified in asking for a refund on the services that I had hired from local tree removal companies. I am entitled to reimbursement, as I have been the victim of an unprofessional service. I made this point to the local tree removal company representatives during the course of our conversation. It did not seem to bother them that I was a victim. Perhaps they should have secured my interest more by explaining the dangers to me at the outset.

Fortunately, I had made up my mind and cancelled the tree removal service. It was extremely reassuring to know that local tree removal companies are only prepared if you are 100 per cent satisfied with the work that they do. It does save you the trouble and stress of having to go to court, and it makes sure that the people who perform the tree removal job are fully trained and qualified to do so. However, if they were unprepared, as this company was, the consequences could have been dire.

The other problem was that the people who did the work had not been fully insured adequately. The court found that this was an accidental omission of the relevant facts. That is not a very big issue, but it shows the need for a full disclosure of all facts before any tree removal takes place. There is nothing worse than thinking you have paid a price you were not told about. This sort of thing can happen, especially where professional standards of hygiene and safety are not adequately maintained. Obviously, the local tree removal company did not live up to their own high standards.

If you have a problem with tree removal in Clontarf, it is important that you contact the local tree removal company right away. Don’t put it off another day, because if you don’t you may end up spending more money than necessary. If you decide to proceed, be sure to tell the company that you were contacted by a previous client, and that they have not contacted you previously. This will help prevent unwanted additional expense on your part. It may also, in the circumstances above, save you time and money. Hire Northern Beaches Tree Removal today at for storm damage tree removal, and tree trunk removal services.