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Get your cat ready for spring!

Nigel“Now is the time to get ready and desex your cat  – or to start putting money aside for the operation when your kitten reaches maturity” says Jess Monk, SPCA Animal Care Manager. At the first signs of spring all unspayed female cats from 5 to 6 months of age start to come into season and will mate. This means that there are big numbers of pregnant cats during the spring and early summer months.

“Owners need to be responsible and think ahead” Jess encourages.  “Save yourself a lot of heartache and hassle and make a desexing appointment today with your vet’. 

“It’s not only the female cats” she says, “the life of an unneutered male (or tom) cat is anything but a happy one. Tom cats define a territory with their odour and fight any cat which enters this territory. Injuries and abscesses result as well as all that caterwaulling. Neutering your tom cat will end all this.”


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