Marlborough SPCA: Foxes Island Road, Renwick. Phone: 03 572 9156 Email

Wish List

Marlborough SPCA would be very grateful to receive donations of the following:

  • Meadow Hay - sweet and fresh
  • Money for vet costs - routine and emergency
  • Pet food - dry food if at all possible, but tins also accepted with thanks
  • Rabbit food
  • Bird seed
  • Kitty litter
  • Disinfectant - esp if ok for septic tanks
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Paper towels and loo paper
  • Disposable gloves
  • A4 photocopying paper and DLE sized envelopes
  • New stamps
  • Large rawhide bones for dogs to chew on

pete dog

We would also love to have the following:

  • A couple of hammers - claw foot please
  • A large chest freezer (not working) to store food stuffs away from pests
  • Good quality new or second hand goods for the SPCA Op Shop
  • Money for better promotional signage - flags, banners, billboards etc
  • Concrete (and people to pour it) for pathways
  • Qualified builders to help with our building projects.
  • Pink Batts for a warm dry puppy area
  • Hardboard with plastic covering for puppy and mother and kitten area
  • Surplus dog kennels, rabbit hutches etc for use or resale

Visit Us / Get in touch

The Marlborough SPCA is located 12 kms from Blenheim on the far side of Renwick. The street address is Foxes Island Road, Renwick, 7243. Look for the Forrest Estate Winery signage just before Foxes Island Road.
Our opening hours:
Monday to Saturday - 10am to 4pm and
Sunday - 10am to 2pm
Phone: 03 572 9156
After hours emergency number: 027 201 9016