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Sponsoring an Animal

kittenWant to help animals but can't adopt one or don't have the time to volunteer? Well just because you can't adopt or volunteer doesn't mean you can't help.

You can help us care for these animals while they wait for their perfect home or donate to a specific animals medical fund!

Sponsor a Long Term Resident

The Marlborough SPCA has a programme where you can sponsor a special needs animal or an animal that has been in the SPCA's care for some time.

Marlborough SPCA asks for a donation of :
$20 per month for a dog or $15 a month for a cat
and we will send you a photo of the dog or cat and their information.

Sponsor a Space - the gift that lasts all year!


You can help by sponsoring a space at one of our centres. Your gift, which lasts for a full year, will help pay for the food and veterinary treatment of the animals cared for in the ‘space' you have chosen to sponsor.

You can also give your sponsorship as a gift! Just choose which animal you wish to help below.

Sponsors will have their name displayed at the centre and will receive a certificate of thanks and an update letter about one of the animals their sponsorship has helped along with a photo.

Costs for this are:

Dog Kennel                             $240per annum                                  $20 per month

Cat Unit                                   $ 180 per annum                                 $15 per month


Medical Sponsorship

Sponsor a dog / cat that needs medical attention.

SPCA Marlborough rescues dozens of cats and dogs each year that require major medical treatment in order to survive and be put up for adoption.

Choose a rescue animal currently looking for a home that is in need of lifesaving medical treatment.

Your donation will be designated to that cat or dog’s medical fund.

trickDog or Cat Web Sponsorship

A Dog or Cat Web Sponsorship will help us provide food, litter, spay / neuter, and medical care for the dog or cat you sponsor while they find a new home.

For a contribution of $20 per month you can sponsor a dog or for $15 a cat that is listed on our website.

We will add your name under the animal you sponsor and we send you a beautiful certificate with a photo of your sponsored animal.

In the happy event that your sponsored animal gets adopted, you will be notified and you can choose another animal to sponsor.

Please go to our Adoptable Dogs and Adoptable Cats pages and choose an animal to sponsor.


Remembering Your Pet

For a donation of $1000 or more you can memorialize a special pet in a special way. Your gift can be used to sponsor a dog run, puppy hut, cat hut or kitten hut or be placed in our remembrance garden.

An engraved plaque with your name as the donor, the name and picture of the pet you are remembering and a short message will be displayed beside the huts or in the remembrance garden.

We can also do this for other small animals on request and a plaque can be placed on your small animal shelter or in our remembrance garden.

Visit Us / Get in touch

The Marlborough SPCA is located 12 kms from Blenheim on the far side of Renwick. The street address is Foxes Island Road, Renwick, 7243. Look for the Forrest Estate Winery signage just before Foxes Island Road.
Our opening hours:
Monday to Saturday - 10am to 4pm and
Sunday - 10am to 2pm
Phone: 03 572 9156
After hours emergency number: 027 201 9016