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What makes a successful adoption?

Step 1 - Pre-adoption Checklist

Read our pre-adoption checklist to ensure you understand the impact an animal will have on your home. Better to find out now before you commit to bringing a pet into your home.

 Step 2 - Making the Right Match 

You should think about the type of animal you would like and what type of characteristics you would like it to have. We will help you by guiding you to the animal with the characteristics you feel you need.  Some of our centre animals have already had a difficult life and we try to make the best match so that they will never have to return to the centre.

You can leave your details with us and if a suitable animal comes along we can contact you or keep an eye on our website pet profiles..

 Step 3 - View the animals available online and visit the Centre

You can view our animals online and this will give you an idea of the animals available. It is essential you visit the centre to see the most wonderful animals looking for a second chance!  We have an area where can walk it if it is a dog or puppy or if a cat/kitten a cuddle area!

 Step 4 - Complete the adoption application at the Centre

When you visit the centre you will be asked to fill out an adoption form before you can adopt.  We will want to do a property check if you are adopting a dog or pup. 

The cost of a shelter cat or dog includes desexing (felines and canines), microchipping, vaccination (atleast one), vet check, worming and defleaing treatment. 

Step 5 - Adopting and bringing home your new pet

It is important to try and make a smooth transition with your new pet in your home. We have many materials available to help you understand and reduce specific animal behaviour problems in a positive way in our care and behaviour section.  

 Step 6 – Enjoy Your New Pet!

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The Marlborough SPCA is located 12 kms from Blenheim on the far side of Renwick. The street address is Foxes Island Road, Renwick, 7243. Look for the Forrest Estate Winery signage just before Foxes Island Road.
Our opening hours:
Monday to Saturday - 10am to 4pm and
Sunday - 10am to 2pm
Phone: 03 572 9156
After hours emergency number: 027 201 9016